Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival | Marathon 2016

First Announcement for 9th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival on 10-13 March 2016
Where Malaysian Hospitality meets the Passion of Buenos Aires!
Make One New Year resolution a reality – register for the 9th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival | Marathon!

To make this Festival | Marathon a fun and positive experience for all our participants, change needs to happen. As the tango community matures globally, many realize the need to balance the learning experience with enough practice.

In this Festival | Marathon, the aim is to cater to both groups – the beginners and more experienced dancers. There will be milongas from Friday through to Sunday, 12 noon – 6.00pm, running concurrently with 4 Workshops per day. Night time Milongas will start at 9pm – 2.00am, giving participants the leisure to enjoy dinner first. On Saturday night, there will be an after Milonga from 2.00am – 6.00am

We have top quality instructors Bruno Tombari & Rocio Lequio and Roberto Castillo & Julieta Biscione. Bruno & Rocio will provide strong basic fundamentals. Roberto & Julieta’s forte is Tango Escenario. Their 6 Workshops will be entirely devoted to choreography for one song. All participants will perform at the Farewell Milonga. These workshops must be taken as a package and with dedicated partners. 

This is just a taster. Interested, please go to tangomalaysia.com website to read more about all the fun planned for the 9th Kuala Lumpur Tango Festival | Marathon.



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